My ‘Chick Flick’ Idea

So I was watching an older episode of How I Met Your Mother called “Milk” from season 1 and it led me to an idea about a good chick flick movie. The episode was about Ted going on a date with the women of his dreams (found through a dating agency). Trying to make a long story short, Ted’s main love interest, Robin, gives him a ride to Ted’s date. In the car, they’re having a conversation, and they’re both want completely different things when it comes to relationships. As Ted gets off the car, he has a vision of himself at a his future wedding. Standing in front of his bride-to-be (some unknown chick), Ted looks at to the crowd and see’s Robin. At that point, Ted has an epiphany and realizes that he doesn’t want any perfect match with him, he wants Robin as has always has. Its a pretty good episode, and this led me to a great movie a idea. In this case, a chick flick with the same plot. Here’s my idea: There’s a guy who has always loved this girl from the very first time they met. They dated in college but broke up after because they both realize they want different things in life. Years later, the guy decides to get married and invites everybody, and sure enough, the girl shows up. Some how some way, maybe an accident happens (one day prior to the wedding) and they’re force to spend a large amount of time together. In this time, they reminisce about their past relationship, and both realize that after years apart they both still have feeling for each other. By the end of the night, the guy starts getting cold feet, and shows up at door of ex-girl friend. This turns out to be a bad idea because he ends up hooking up with the chick (one night before his own freakin’ wedding! [Shocker. I know, right??]). They both decided to keep that a secret and forget about it. On the day of the wedding, the ceremony is in full motion, all his friends and family are there, the priest is reading from his bible and what not. So, he’s standing in front of his wife-to-be and he looks over to audience and see’s her. She knows what he’s thinking and knows its wrong, so she gets up and walks away. He runs after her, the whole crowd in shock. He catches up to her, tells her to stop running away from her feelings, because he still loves her. She denies she has feeling for him, and says that she can’t be with him. So she leaves, and never see him again. The End. And that is a story about heartbreak, that I think would be great for a Hollywood movie. Damn… Sometimes I think I should have minor in creative writing. So this is my real first post, more coming soon. Just a bunch of random stuff that I’m going to blog about it. If you read this far, hope I didn’t waste your time.

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-Ernesto Z. Buenrostro


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