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New Jay-Z Album for Free (No Bull) – 4:44

Click on the picture to download the Jay’s latest. (It will take you to another link, but go ahead and click download – it’s legit.)



I do this for the love…. The love of the music.


You’re welcome, internet.



Top 10 Albums of 2015 *An ezb14 special*

Another year gone, another year full of great albums. This is just my preferences and albums I like, but I want you to take my word as law. Let’s begin. (BTW, all these albums have download links)

10. If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late – Drake

You can’t hate on the guy. He just puts out good music time and time again. Even if he doesn’t write some of these songs himself, Drake is still dope.

9. The Cut – Young Darias

An underrated artist, with an underrated album. It’s fantanstic and you can defiantly hear Young D’s improvements on the records he’s making. It’s dope seeing someone you know kill it on the music tip.

8. The Incredible True Story – Logic

He did it again. Logic is often accused of jacking flows, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s not as great as I wanted it to be, but it’s one of the best this year. Check it out.

7. The Documentary 2 (Disc 1 & 2) – The Game

Not gonna lie, I thought The Game was washed. But then I heard The Documentary 2, and wow – he still has it. It’s hard to compare this to the original classic, but if you take your time and listen to BOTH of discs, you can see why it made it on my list.

6. F.W.A – Lil Wayne

The Free Weezy Album didn’t get a lot of hype, but it deserve’s it. I haven’t heard the Carter V, but if it did drop, I hope it was better than this, b/c Weezy F. Baby is on point throughout this whole project.

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My thoughts on #TopPimpAButterfly….

I want to rant.

Here is what I think about Kendrick Lamar’s latest album To Pimp A Butterfly:

First of all, this album in NOT FOR YOUR CASUAL LISTENER.

With that said, it’s a very artistic piece of work. TPAB is deep and heavy. It has live instruments and jazz backgrounds. It’s not 100% pure hip-hop.

And that’s why I like it.

Some of my friends have called K.Dot’s second album overhyped.

But their not real fans. So I can’t really blame them.

Me? I’ve been listening since 2008. And it all started with one song.

That song was “Wanna Be Heard” of his self titled LP – Kendrick Lamar.

Since then, I’ve been peeping his music. I remember when Kendrick dropped his OD project (Overly Dedicated) back in 2010 and no website (besides itunes) had it available for download!

Then, I actually reached out to @kendricklamarTDE (Yes, that was his old handle) on twitter & he actually replied back!

I knew this guy was going to be big so I favorite’d the tweet just to prove it to ppl in the future. Peep the tweet below!

Needless to say I’m a HUGE fan of the dude. Therefore, of course (!) I’m going to support his music.

In my opinion, Kendrick did this for his die hard fans. He’s testing his audience. He is (like says he is) – a “Black Hippy”.

To Pimp A Butterfly reflects that. It has spoken word poems, but through social/political commentary.  It even has an appearance by the legendary Tupac Shakur! It’s all over the place, and yet its a reflection of he’s been going through.

For those who say TPAB suck, you just don’t get the big picture. And that’s okay. We all don’t. But if you keep listening to it, you’ll start to figure out the pieces of this work.

Now, I know lots of ppl do LOVE this album and give it praise for its artistry; but for those who don’t get it, I understand why too.

The new album’s title, “To Pimp a Butterfly,” is, most obviously, a play on the title of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” It also represents a collision of the beautiful and the mercenary. To pimp a butterfly is to offer the innermost self—in the classical tradition, Psyche, the soul, was often pictured as a butterfly—up for sale. It is to extract profit from struggle. Hip-hop has been here many times before, turning and turning on the question of whether riches and fame, dispensed to a lucky few, are fair reparation for the ongoing hardship of millions. “They punish the people that’s asking questions,” Tupac rapped on “Me Against the World.” “And those that possess steal from the ones without possessions.” [Exert from the New Yorker]

But please don’t dismiss TPAB as a FLOP, it’s artwork – therefore subjective, but regardless, it is art.

Boom! Subject ether’d.

-ezbizzle outz

Introducing The Durp Show Podcast by ezb14

The time has finally come. The Durp Show Podcast is here.


Yes, you read that right. I am starting my own podcast. It’s been in the works for months!

And at times, I felt like completely abandoning the idea, but sometimes you have to say “screw it” and go for it.

To give you a little insight into what it all means, this podcast is a lifestyle podcast. Meaning, I can/will talk about anything.

I don’t want to be label just as a movie review podcast, or a sports podcast, or a news commentary podcast because I plan to talk about it all.

Similar to my blog, the topics will be diverse and range from insightful thoughts to discussing the dumbest shit that happens in America and around the world.

I hope you’ll listen as each episode of the podcast will be centered on one particular topic and, yes, it will be a weekly show.

First few episode are dropping this Sunday, Feb 9th! Look out for that.

And, lastly, thank you for your support. I mean it.

– ezbizzle