The End?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome.

And my apologizes.


As you may or may not be aware, I have been doing this blogging thing running a website scheme for a while now. Since 2010.

And frankly, I am growing tired of it.

And I am getting old. 27 years of life man.

For those who know me personally or for those who don’t, know I have settle down (with life, that is).

I went got myself a real job. -____-

Working some long hours (and actually making money). Consequently, my site has been lack-lustered overthe past few weeks, and my podcast game has been hella weak lately (although, I am getting mad recognition for it).

Side note: My younger brother likes to lecture my about life. MY YOUNGER BROTHER. This dude. He tells me what I should do, how I should dress, and how to pick up chicks. I smiled and say, “Oh, really? Cool, good to know. You do you“. His response: I know I am right, and you should take what I say seriously. My response: Do you know why I don’t take you seriously? His response: -____-. My response: Because I was born in the 80’s.

I really am cut from a different cloth.

What’s important to me is not what is important to other people. I get that.

I’ve often played with the idea of getting rid of all my social media accounts for this exact same reason. Why even bother? See me when you see me. I’m that old school.

(Maybe that’s why I have a lot of older friends. Because they get how I can relate to them. They understand that I understand what really matters in this life. And because they know I can smell and fish out all the bullshit that there is out in the universe.)

I don’t know what I’m am saying, I’m rambling.

But getting back to my point.

I’m not OFFICIALLY calling it quits. I’m not.

But I’m preparing to rise to the white flag soon. Just an FYI.

  • ezbizzle out.





One thought on “The End?”

  1. No don’t quit! Just stumbled across your blog and you write really well! It’s interesting and entertaining. If you do quit, don’t quit writing. Seriously! 80’s girl right here and there’s always a newer gen kid telling us that they think they know everything, like I did 10 years ago.
    You got a cool thing here. Keep going!

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