On the Pod (Part 1) with Juan from On The Ave – The Durp Show Podcast – Episode 051

And we’re back with another episode of The Durp Show Podcast!


First off, I’m sorry for the wait. But better late than never. Word to my girl’s period, Ayo!!!!

(Wait, I don’t have a girl -_____-)

This show is brought to you by On The Ave – a street boutique store located in beautiful Salinas, CA (1860 North Main Street). Mention The Durp Show Podcast and you acutally a discount at the counter. No Joke.

And on the week’s episode, we got the owner of On The Ave himself, Juan.

Kick back and listen to Juan and Ern durp it on the following subjects:

– Juan starting a business out here
– Juan’s roots coming from Greenfield
– Street Beats and Mac Dre
– Hip Hop and Rap
– Music stores
– Cassette tapes and the original mixes
– Vinyls and walkmans
– Top 5 Greatest Rappers of All Time
– Overrated Artists
– Underrated Artists
– And so much more…

Part 2 is coming sooner than you think! Tune in for that.



(Maybe coming soon)

You can follow On The Ave’s Instagram account @On_The_Ave.

Outro music by Krycis Element. –> https://kryciselement.bandcamp.com/album/mind-emotion

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