Science and Stuff with Ace – The Durp Show Podcast – Episode 046

And welcome back to another episode of The Durp Show Podcast.


In this week’s episode we have everybody’s favorite town friend and overall nice guy, Ace Galermo.

On this episode me and Ace durp it on the following subjects:

– On Ace being a popular kid
– Cellphones before there were smart phones
– High School Slacker Days
– Hartnell High Students
– Math (That’s right, Big Ern is a fan of Math)
– Science and stuff
– Drinking games for nerds
– The struggle of education
– Ace’s karate moves
– Durpness in Mr. Parker’s class
– And much more…

Moreover, you guys are going to hear me say that this is episode 47, but it is 46. That’s on my end, my bad.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy this episode.



(Link coming soon!)

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