After Night Falls – The Durp Show Podcast – Episode 045

And welcome back to another episode of The Durp Show Podcast.
And let’s just get this out of the way, yes I’m late in posting. Yes I have a life. Yes, I need a break some times. Yes, you should check out the website (!) and see that I’ve given y’all a free album, movie, and book. My treat to yall. Guess you can say it’s my holiday spirit.
But i digress, lets get back to buisness: This is episode 45 and a direct sequel to episode 44.
This week’s sponsor is Vape N Connect. Hopefully they haven’t gone out of business yet. Mention the word “durp” and ask for a 5 percent discount.
This week’s guest is the ever-so charismatic Danny R (and his very lovely female friend).
Sit back and listen as we durp it on the following topics:
– Norte – The Card Game
– Biff Tanner
– Gym
– Why Big Ern likes to drink with women
– Beer in the morning
– Las Vegas
– How the school system failed us
– Tacos, I mean Tahoe.
– Coffee
– And so much more…
(Link coming soon!)

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