Before Night Falls with Danny R. – The Durp Show Podcast – Episode 042

And welcome back to another episode of The Durp Show Podcast.


On this week’s episode we got royalty in the building! We got the Soledad High, class of 2007, Prom King himself – Danny R. (And his lovely lady friend who did not want her name on here.)

Sit back as we durp it on the following:

– Being a hip hop head
– Embracing Punk rock
– How Danny got his drum set
– After Night Falls
– Mrs. Escutia’s MVP move
– Running for Prince debacle
– Prom King
– Hartnell High
– Recording School
– And so much more…

This is only part 1 of our conversation, so tune in on the next episode (045) for the remaining part. Look out for that!



(Link is coming soon)

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