Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton – for Free 99

Read a damn book you durps.

Click on the picture to link to a free copy of the classic book which was made into a classic movie – Jurassic Park. 

  • Note – There should be a place on your screen where it has a save bottom for your downloaded pleasure.

If you want the format for a Kindle reading device please follow these simple steps.

Step 1) Download Jurassic Park PDF file to your computer

Step 2) Go to this conversion website –> http://ebook.online-convert.com/convert-to-azw3

Step 3) Click on the “Choose Files” button and search for the pdf file you just downloaded.

Step 4) Scroll to the bottom of the conversion website, and hit the button that says “Convert File“.

Step 5) Wait a few seconds.

Step 6) Save the new AZW3 file to your computer.

Step 7) Connect your Kindle to your computer (Remember – real gangstas own a kindle)

Step 8) Go to the documents folder located on your Kindle via your computer.

Step 9) Copy and paste the new AZW3 file you just downloaded into the documents folder.

Step 10) Disconnect your kindle.

Step 11) Sit back and enjoy Jurassic Park.

Step 12) Stop reading these steps.

You’re welcome internet.


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