Plata O Plomo Part 2 with Spicy Pete & Eagle – The Durp Show Podcast – Episode 039

Welcome back to another episode of The Durp Show Podcast.


This week’s sponsor is Vape N Connect. Located in beautiful Soledad, California, Vape N Connect is our very own vape and internet cafe spot! That’s right, explore the dark web and vape like you mean it. Mentioned the word “Durp” at the door, and ask for 5% off.

This is episode 39 and if you remembered, I did state previously that this is part 2 of our conversation from episode 38.

Therefore, today’s returning guest are Spicy Pete aka Peter and Eagle aka Jorge. And also, somewhat Domino.

In this episode we durp it on the following.

– Racism
– El Arabe
– Asians
– Mexican Food
– The word “Jag”
– Peter almost marrying someone for his citizenship
– Where Peter would go if he could travel
– The Internet
– The Deep Dark Web
– Myspace
– How Peter got jocked at a dance
– Kids
– Pete’s Military plan
– Substitute teachers
– And much more…



I hope you guys enjoy listening to it.

You can snap chat Peter @ Spicy Pete.

And lastly,

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