Narcos – Season 1 (Free 99)

Do you just want to watch some Netflix and chill but you’re hella broke so you can’t??

Well I just finished watching the first Season of Narcos and I absolutely loved it! (Plata o Plomo?)

Narcos follows the life of a DEA agent in the 80’s trying to catch the infamous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. I knew I wanted to check this out ever since I heard all the great feedback upon its release last month.

Even more so after I watched this documentary on Escobar on youtube. Peep it down below.

Narcos is what I wanted Season 2 of True Detective to be – sexy, gritty, well acted, based on factual events. Therefore, since I shared that giant waste-of-some-time season, I thought I’d share something I actually liked with y’all.

Down below you will find Episodes 1 through 10 of the first season of Narcos for your streaming pleasure.

*Note – they’re might be ads, but just click out of them and never download anything from them.*

Click on each link to stream the episode.

Narcos – Episode 01 – Descenso

Narcos – Episode 02 – The Sword of Simón Bolivar

Narcos – Episode 03 – The Men of Always

Narcos – Episode 04 – The Palace in Flames

Narcos – Episode 05 – There Will Be a Future

Narcos – Episode 06 – Explosivos

Narcos – Episode 07 – You Will Cry Tears of Blood

Narcos – Episode 08 – La Gran Mentira

Narcos – Episode 09 – La Catedral

Narcos – Episode 10 – Despegue


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