An Announcement with Lone Star Pete & Turtle – The Durp Show Podcast – Episode 036

We got a special treat for you today guys.


This week’s sponsor is Vape N Connect. Located in beautiful Soledad, California, Vape N Connect is our very own vape and internet cafe spot! That’s right, cyber stalk people you don’t know and vape like you mean it. Mentioned the word “Durp” at the door, and ask for 5% off.

This episodes guest are (MVP of the show) Turtle, and Lone Star Pete (on the phone calling from Texas).

Sit back and listen to us durp it on a few things like:

  • Ghost Adventures episode featuring Soledad
  • The Durp Show Intro
  • How Turtle “Emilio” me
  • Females and how they are getting out of control
  • Women taking over the world
  • Cali girls
  • Snap chatting at work
  • Peter’s relationship status
  • Fans leaving games when their teams are losing
  • Talking sports on Facebook and social media
  • The home run derby on my street
  • Sports ups and downs
  • Shout outs
  • “Superbad” the movie and its influences
  • Turtle’s crazy story about Reno, Nevada
  • The infamous Sport Jersey protest in High School
  • And much more…

As mentioned in this episode’s title, there is a pretty big announcement made on this episode by one of us, but you are just going to have to listen to this episode and find out what’s up.




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