Manly Things with Aldoooooo – The Durp Show Podcast – Episode 34



This week’s sponsor is Vape N Connect. Located in beautiful Soledad, California, Vape N Connect is our very own vape and internet cafe spot! That’s right, create an eharmony profile and vape like you mean it. Mentioned the word “Durp” at the door, and ask for 5% off.

In this week’s episode we got Aldo, my one time rumored co-host when I first started to entertained this podcast idea.

On this Durp Show, Aldo and I durp it on the following topics:

  • How time flies when you’re an Adult
  • My Batman bath rob and Halloween ideas
  • Tipping etiquette – Your Barbers, your servers, your movers?
  • How to tip at Bars
  • Man clothes and looking presentable
  • Aldo’s piercing his ear story
  • Our thoughts on Tattoos
  • Aldo saying he would wear a blazer if we go out on a Friday night (He didn’t)
  • Crying and the last time we cried
  • Me being a difficult person
  • The coin flip app
  • Big Ern joining Tinder? Or is too easy?
  • The girls who jock me
  • And much more

A lot of dumb things were said here, so I hope you’ll enjoy.



You can follow Aldo on twitter @Aldoooooo


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Twitter: @ezb14

Instagram: @ezb14



Snapchat: ezb14

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