Conspiracy Durps with Jorge aka Eagle – The Durp Show Podcast – Episode 032

And welcome back to The Durp Show Podcast.


Sorry for the late upload.

This week’s sponsored is Arizona (the tall can drink). Call and mentioned Durp, and then ask for a 50% discount.

This is a packed show.
We got two executive producers in the building – Turtle and Joey.
We get a call in from Lone Star Pete.
And finally, we got our main guest Jorge aka Eagle.

We durp it on the following topics:

– How Jorge got his nickname
– How Jorge and his two Peter’s got a Bolt tattoo
– The original Roach
– September the 11th and where we were on that day
– Red flags
– Conspiracies
– Money in the 90’s
– Power Rangers
– Peter’s call in
– And much more….

This episode is the longest one to date, so I truly hope you take some time and listen; it is worth it.



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