Goats with Joey, Turt, Ed & Pete – The Durp Show Podcast – Episode 029

And welcome back to another episode of The Durp Show Podcast.


This weeks sponsor is Connect n Vape. Ask for a 5% discount when you mention “durp”.

On this episode, we have a record breaking 4 guest plus myself on this podcast. And things go ire to say the least.

We got first timer but friend of the show – Joey.
We got the MVP – Turtle.
We got Boner Body Ed.
And lastly, we call in, the one the only, Pete from Third, aka Lone Star Pete himself – Peter.

Sit back as we durp it on the following:

– Joey not inviting Roach to his funeral.
– Boner farting
– Goats
– The story about a little girl named Vanessa
– The Ouija board
– Donald Trump
– Monkeys
– Ghosts
– And much more…

This is one durpstatic episode, hope you enjoy.



Look out for the continuation of our conversation on Ep. 30 next week!


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– ezbizzle outz!


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