Hip Hop Discussion (Part 2) with Steve – The Durp Show Podcast – Episode 027

And we’re back with episode 27!


This is the continuation of episode 26, where we are discussing Hip Hop.

We switched guest up as Luis’s younger bother takes the stage and we durped it on the following subjects.

– Hip Hop being the most exciting and influential genre in Music.
– Eminem’s Legacy
– Nas saying Hip Hop is Dead
– The Reggaeton phase
– Snoop saying Soulja Boy killed Hip Hop
– The Internet saving Hip Hop
– Chamillionaire being underrated
– The sophomore album curse
– The Drake and J. Cole comparisons
– Kid Cudi being the most influential artist in the last 10 years
– And much more….

This episode leaves you in a cliff hanger – tune in next time as me and Stevie discuss God, Religion and Aliens on episode 28.




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