Hip Hop Discussion (Part 1) with Luis – The Durp Show Podcast – Episode 026

Live from the 619!


This is a very special episode, recorded in beautiful and sunny San Diego, guest starting my brother from another mother – Luis.

In this episode me and Luis durped it on the following subjects:

– How we first met (I was hating on him)
– Our bond over Game
– Beef in Hip Hop
– The Game v. G-Unit
– Diss Tracks
– When Hip Hop Died
– Record sells and their importance
– Bloggers and the Internet
– Luis saying I’m the biggest hater he knows
– A failed opportunity involving Shemdrick Blamar
– My favorite albums of the year
– Me and Luis give our top 5, The Game, tracks
– And so much more.

This episode ran a little longer than expected so I’m going to split it in two parts; consequently, part 2 is dropping next week, so look out for that!




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