Introducing The Anakastik Podcast….

Alright guys, this week’s latest episode of The Durp Show Podcast is on a bit of a hiatius (because I went to San Diego and I still have to edit the hell of it – gosh leave me alone already!) so I’m going to give a shout out this week to another podcast.

The Anakastik Podcast

The Anakastic

A podcast starting one of my white token friends my acquaintances – Sean (I kid,i kid) and his homie, Bobby.

Previously, I’ve checked out an unreleased podcast episode Sean let me listen to, and I have to say, in my honest opinion, it was dope.

It was funny, witty, and it had two durps durping away.

And now both Sean and Bobby have officially released their podcast for all to enjoy.

I know the up-hill battle they are going to face gaining an audience but here’s the alley oop to them. (Hell they might not even need it.)

You can tell that these guys are shooting for the more mainstream podcast audience as there episodes tend be longer (longer than any of my episodes – that’s for sure), but if you have time, I highly recommend you guys check it out.

The first two episodes are up on their site, which you can access by clicking on the picture or right here to get to The Anankastik website.

However, if you guys are the lazy f*cks that I know and love, you can download each episode with the following links below:

Download – The Anakastik Podcast #1 

Download – The Anakastik Podcast #2

Lastly, if want to this listen to The Durp Show Podcast featuring Sean as guest I’ve also included that below (because shameless plug – that’s why!)

Soundcloud (Or on Youtube)

And even more lastly (?), The Durp Show Podcast episode starting twitter sensation @Mayrizzle is on it’s way soon.

– ezbizzle outz


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