Too Cool for School with Aldo & Elliot – The Durp Show Podcast – Episode 024

We’re bizzack!


After taking a holiday break last week, we’re back better than ever. In this week’s episode we got my one-time rumored co-host Aldo (aka Aldie) and he brought along the durp you know and love – Mr. Ellio (aka Elliot).

Sit back and listen as we durped it on the following topics:

  • Why Aldo is a douche
  • Hating our jobs
  • Reading and A.R.
  • Teachers we hate
  • Durps in High Schools
  • Teachers we liked
  • Books
  • And much more…

We basically tired to talk about the importance of reading and books, but we mostly ended up talking trash about our teachers and peers in High School.




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