The Bone Show with Turt & Bone – The Durp Show Podcast – Episode 023



In this week’s episode we got the MVP, Turtle, back for another appearance on The Durp Show Podcast. And I gett mic jacked for most of this episode by my brother from my actual mother – Ed. Aka Boner Body Ed.

On this episode “we” discuss and durp’d it on the following subjects:

  • How [FATE] got started.
  • The Military
  • Society
  • Money
  • Social Media
  • Girls
  • Love
  • Sex

and much more.

So sit back and take a listen as my bro just rambles on. It’s pretty entertaining. Some podcasts just record themselves, you know what I’m saying?

And if you wanna follow Turtle on social media, he’s on twitter & snapchat @Eternal_19 and on Instagram @Yes.CA

You can follow Bone on Snapchat @ Fast_Eddie_11




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– ezbizzle outz!


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