The Durp Show Podcast #18 – Krabby Patties with Turtle & Enreeks

Yes, I know I’m late. But *Kanye Shrug*.


In this week’s episode we got 3 time returning champion Turtle in the building and he brought along the ever elusive Enreeks!

In this week we durped it on the following subjects:

Chipotle and why it’s Overrated.
My personal gripe with people who say what’s up to me & don’t even know me.
Turtle’s personal gripe with the Drive-tru line at In-N-Out.
Why I’m crazy, and you shouldn’t check me.
Enreeks talks steroids and anabolics in sports & for personal use.
Then we talk Grammar Nazis.
And the main crux of the show: we talk about the Internet, yahoo chat, social media, why girls are stupid, and we talk about porn (#NotReally).

It’s another durp-tastic episode so sit back and enjoy.




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