Hood Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron….

Fifty Shades can’t get all the attention on here.

Alright guys, I’m about to break down and rant about this movie.

Spoliers at the end. Because I don’t give a shit.

My thoughts.

First of all, I was very HYPED for this movie.

And I think that’s an understatement.

I watched and read every rumor, behind the scene clip, and promotional video related to this movie.

AOU is was my most anticipated movie of the year for movie.

Probably because I enjoyed the first Avengers movie a lot.

Welp, it didn’t live up to my hypeness.

Sorry guys.

Just don’t get it twisted, this is a good movie.

There were a lot of cool scenes.

The Iron-Man hulk-buster suit going against the Hulk was badass!

That alone makes me want to check it out again. (And I think I might).

But there was a LOT going on in the movie. Like A LOT.


So much so, I got lost.

There were parts were I was like – wait, how did they get there? And where is Thor? And how did they really killed Ultron?

The last fight had so much going on I didn’t know what was up or down or left.

To be fair though, it looked cool.

And I had other questions and concerns like:

I thought Iron Man retired from being a Super Hero.

Where was Nick Furry?

How is SHIELD still a thing?

Where was Loki?

Did the tesaract just become the mind stone?

Is Vision going to die when they need it for the Infinity Gauntlet?

Why were there robots coming out from the ground.

How did they get a big ass chitauri ship underneath an old ass fort?

Why did Ultron just become a big baddie so quick?

Are we getting back JARVIS?

And so, so, so many more.

But like I said, I DO want to check out this movie again.

Maybe checking it out twice, it will make me like it better. I had this same reaction when I watched the first Avengers movie.

Plus, I read that director Joss Whedon’s original cut of the movie is 3 and half hours long, with an alternative ending!

So I know that some of my questions could have been originally answered to there.

Ending thoughts.

I wished Hulk went into space at the very end.

The best part was when Vision handed Thor’s hammer like it was nothing.

Scar Jo is bae.

This movie is good. It’s epic – action-packed and good comedic scenes.

I absolutely LOVE the Scarlet Witch in the comics (One of my faves [She is also bae]) and I’m cool with the way they represented here in the movie.

Can’t believe Quicksliver died tho. *Spoiler*. Oops.

Thanos also shows up at the end, and grabs the Infinity Gauntlet with no stones from Asgard and says he’s going to have finish the job himself.

Hood Review!

8 out of 10. Would bang again. Just to see if I like it better a second time around.

-ezbizzle outz.


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