The Durp Show Podcast #13 – Bumpin’ Bone Thugs while Hiking & Smoking w/ Turtle and Big Pete

And we’re back durps, with another episode of #TheDurpShowPodcast!


This week we got two guest up in the building!

First time guest (but long time listener) is one of the chillest dudes around Turtle! And making his second appearance (via telephone), the one, the only, Lone Star Pete aka Pete from Third.

In this episode, we discuss why I hate 90’s babies, the reception of the durp show podcast in these streets, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, who we should listen to, why Krayzie Bone is the best rapper alive, Health issues, hiking and the “Yes California” movement and the weed culture in the country.

A lot of durp moments in this episode so I hope you guys enjoy listening to it.

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