Introducing The Durp Show Podcast by ezb14

The time has finally come. The Durp Show Podcast is here.


Yes, you read that right. I am starting my own podcast. It’s been in the works for months!

And at times, I felt like completely abandoning the idea, but sometimes you have to say “screw it” and go for it.

To give you a little insight into what it all means, this podcast is a lifestyle podcast. Meaning, I can/will talk about anything.

I don’t want to be label just as a movie review podcast, or a sports podcast, or a news commentary podcast because I plan to talk about it all.

Similar to my blog, the topics will be diverse and range from insightful thoughts to discussing the dumbest shit that happens in America and around the world.

I hope you’ll listen as each episode of the podcast will be centered on one particular topic and, yes, it will be a weekly show.

First few episode are dropping this Sunday, Feb 9th! Look out for that.

And, lastly, thank you for your support. I mean it.

– ezbizzle


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