An ezb14 Review of ‘Under Pressure’ from Young Darias

And we’re back.


Now first thing is first, if you haven’t checked out Young D’s latest work go to and get yourself a copy immediately.

Alternatively, you can just click here for a direct download. 

Moving on. Young Darias is back at again with his latest project ‘Under Pressure’.

I know a few people who rap, but I’ll go on record and say that Darias is the best rapper I know personally and I believe he has the best potential to make to make it big in this industry. Sorry other homies.

Now with the Under Pressure cover being all black, listening to it made me realize how the tone is very similar – dark and girtty rhymes. More importantly, I also felt Under Pressure was better listen at night so you can just vibe out to it.

Coming off his I’m in the buildin’ success, Young D spits over some known and unknown beats. Making me miss some of those more mainstreet “hip hop” beats he had on his previous mixtape. It was a little more like a “jacking for beats” tape that I absolutely love.

With that being said, I did like I’m in the buildin’ a little better. Now I know Young Darias works really hard on his music and I’m not knocking on it because you can hear the quality of his music in ‘Under Pressure’.

In my opinion it also sounds like Young Darias kinda switched his flow up. Which is all fine and dandy (some of my favorites rappers have done the same – i.e. Eminem) but it did take some time to get use to it.

A lot more melody vocals from this young rapper makes some of these tracks better and some other tracks, I could have use less singing bridges.

Below are a list of songs I found were absoulte fire:

Best tracks

Track 7 – Late Plane

Track 3 – On My Own

Track 13 – Stay (Remix)

Track 8 – For the Night

Track 9 – Palm Trees

Track 14 – Under Pressure (f. Chris Hudson)

Track 10 – Hypnotize (f. Graffiti)

Overall, this is a good project. I was blessed to hear it a few hours before Young D released it. But now that I have some time to listen to it, these are my thoughts.

I give Under Pressure a 3.8 out of 5.

And talking about Under Pressure, I have to address the elephant in the room. I’m not sure if Young D was aware of another rapper who dropped a project of the same name. That rapper was Logic, and that album made my list as second best out of 2014. I’m just saying.  The fact that Logic dropped his album Under Pressure just four days after might have overshadowed Young D’s latest project.

Just throwing that out there. A lot of people were talking about that Logic album around the same time I was bumping this.

Anyways, keep up the good work Young Darias! Keep killing em with those BARS!!

-ezb14 outz.



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