My Problem with Time….

Time is irrelevant to me.

I know I’m going to sound crazy on this post. I know/understand this.

But as a rule of thumb when dealing with me: Don’t expect me to be on time. Word to my future employers.

Wait for me, I’ll be there when I’m ready.

As cynical as that sounds, it’s how I feel.

However, I can’t stand waiting for some one. I have a very short patience.

One time, I walked out of Denny’s because they were taking too long to charge me for my meal!

I’m going to be a little late. No big deal.

We have a short time on this earth and I got things to do.

Compered to the billions of years the galaxy took to form itself just to get us at this exact moment of time, our time on this planet is limited.

So if I want to play an extra round of Call of Duty, I’m going to do it. Even if it means I’m running a little late.

Don’t get your panties in a bunch. I will be where I need to be. Just don’t expect me on time.

I’ll try to be there on time. Key word is try. How about that?

The concept of time to me is just crazy.

The passing of time the one constant in life. Think about that.

Every second, the world keeps on spinning and spinning. It all adds up.  And people are born, and people die. Environments change and people change, but not time. We can not change time (unless we invite time travel).

And during my time on this earth, I will do what makes me happy.

I will try my best to help those I love around me be better and enjoy the quality of life. I will be cracking jokes and making people laugh, because its the simple things in life that take the least amount of time.

But no matter what, you and I can not change constant time. It will add up and lead to our inevitable deaths. And that right there, is my real problem with time.

Boom! Subject ether’d.

– ezb14 outz.


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