My Problem with ‘Black Friday’….

Let’s go.

So to understand my problem with ‘Black Friday’, it’s good to know a little bit of history from it. Check out the clip below for some more info.

Hopefully, you know what ‘Black Friday’ means to the retail game.

Now, that’s my problem.

It’s all about the money. These retail companies are all greedy. That’s why they’re opened after during Thanksgiving right now.

How are we, as an American society, suppose to go from a day of family celebration, to fighting each other for a $200 40-inch television at Best Buy?

It’s a problem that I have never taken apart of.

That’s right, I have never done Black Friday.

Black Friday is all about consumerism. It’s all about money and we, as the public, are the suckas that fall for it every year. We shell out millions of dollars for things we don’t really need. Do we really need a new television when we have a working one already? The way it’s marketed these days, yes – yes, we do. We need that television.

But the truth of the matter is we don’t.

Think about this. We buy the TV, to watch the bullshit shows that brainwash us to be a group of consumers to shell out more money on material goods.

SMH @ the whole situation.

Retailers don’t give a shit about us. They don’t care about their employees. At the end of the day, it’s all about how much profit they make.

Retail companies might do a charity here and there, but don’t get it twisted, their end game is money.

And the notion that Thanksgiving is meant to be spent with family and enjoy what we all have (giving thanks for the year), makes me wonder why people are so savage hours later over just a few good deals/sales.

My advice: enjoy your family, and enjoy the things you have. Be grateful. It could always be worst.

– ezbizzle outz.


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