My Problem with Texting….

I have a problem with texting.


You see, it is a special treat if you get to text with me. I’m funny, witty and smart with my responses. And yes, I will try to troll you even if you don’t know me.

I’m clever, I’m sharp. I put thought into what I say. Everything is planned out. Even the type-o’s.

However, I have a general rule of thumb when it comes to texting, I don’t text you until I want something.



I won’t text you out of the blue. I don’t care for good night or good morning texts. Or any of the ttyl (talk to you later) type-of-texts.

I don’t play those games.

Understand this, I only use emoji’s to be ironic and funny. Nothing more. I could care less about those faces.


Anyways, what bugs me is how y’all text. I’m talking about guys and girls.

I roll my eyes at all of you.

Ladies, if a guys is an asshole to you, then why would you respond to their text messages?!


I see tons of text messages splatterd on the internet about how a girl feeds into the troll (the guy she is texting).

What’s worse is that guys these days have no shame!

The thirst is real out here.


They think because it’s texting, guys can get away from saying something they won’t say in real life.

It’s pussy shit. Guy harass women every day via text messages and I don’t need to see a news survey about texting habits to know that.

However, this goes both ways. Ladies, you guys haven’t been exactly cordial with all your text messages.


Although, ladies,  keep sexting. That’s okay in my book. When ever I get one, I feel like I’m on top of the world. My heart smiles and it warms my soul.


My problem comes from how stupid you girls are. You keep feeding these guys with passive aggressive texts, and they believe they can get away with.

Females need to understand that the way to stop an attention seeker is by completely ignoring them! That’s it.

Don’t responded back to those dudes who are asking to see your tits after they just met you.


You guys try to laugh it off with a simple “LOL” or emoji face, but as soon as you respond, they gotcha.

I just don’t like it. Men, women are both horrible at texting.

I can’t count the times I roll my eyes when a female thinks her text convos are so funny and decides to post a screen shot on instagram, and then, I’m just like *rolls eyes* “this isn’t even funny.”


Text messages are just supposed to be there for a quick read – a simple message to another person. Not a fucking book detailing why you’re breaking up with me.

I’m more of conversationalist. I like to talk. Face to face. In a small intimate group. And even then, I don’t like to talk to strangers.

I know, I’m weird and complicated. I know this about myself.


But the subject of texting needs to one of those things I want to address and put out myself.

This is light work for me. This writing shit is easy. I do it for fun. So when it comes to writing, I feel some kind-of-way.


And what’s the most important form of writing today? Texting.

Boom! Subject ether’d.

– ezbizzle outz



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