The Chromecast (#TechReview) – Should you buy it?

Alright, time for one of my rare tech reviews. Up next is the infamous Chromecast.


Chromecast facts:

Retails for $34.99 (Plus tax – damn you Based god)

Light-weight: 0.2 ounces (to be exact)

Product Dimensions 2.8 H x 1.4 L x 0.5 W (inches)

Made by Google

Released date: July 26, 2013 (I’m late, I know)

Connects to your TV via HDMI port

Needs a power supply via mircro USB (power cord and brick does come in the box)


I have been playing with this device for a while and, basically, Chromecast turns your regular (dumb) TV into a smart TV. Futhermore, it does require wi-fi connection and you will need a smart phone, tablet, or computer (laptop or desktop).

Now I’m not going to bored you with all the things its suppose to do, like watch videos from youtube and Netflix and Hulu, etc etc.

No. I want to talk about the cool little slick shit you can do with this device.

First thing first, to do most of this stuff you will have to be on Android. Sorry Apple users, you guys have to do everything legit.

Viewing the Internet on your TV (without any wires)

You CAN cast your internet tab from any Mac (you guys got lucky here) or Windows computer; all you need Google chrome browser. From there you will need download an extension here and you’ll be all set. Pretty easy to set up. You will see a little symbol for casting your viewing tab to the chromecast you set up. The only thing that sucks about this is that this feature is still beta.

Viewing movies from your hard-drive

What if you want to watch a movie from your computer? Welp, Videostream gots you cover. Go download another web-extension and the app. Actually, I think Apple users can use this too. Then open the web browser from Videostream and search your computer for the video you want to play! Its pretty easy and dope.

Viewing movies that are locally stored on your tablet or phone

Now this is an Android thing. Go download the AllCast app from the playstore. It’s a little clunky (not that smooth) and there are ads (unless you pay for the premium version – of course *rolls eyes*). Anyways this helps you stream your movies that are locally stored on your device! I for one keep most of my movies on my Samsung Galaxy tab, so this bad boy works like a charm.

Viewing Music or Pictures via your phone or tablet

This one is much easier, and smother than that other previously mentioned app. Go download LocalCast. You can view pictures and listen to music like a boss through your television set. It’s pretty self explanatory. Its also a lot faster as compared to video viewing. And the app is pretty clean, with little ads and little lag between your device and the Chromecast.


And that’s it guys, Google’s chromecast is a pretty little dope device; especially if you know how to stream live sporting events, or television shows via the web.

(Yes, I included the links to those too. You’re welcome, America.)

You can also root and flash the device but that’s too hacker-ish for my blood.

In conclusion, the Chromecast is worth its weight in Gold and its a no brainer for those of us who don’t want to pay for cable or satellite.

And for people who embrace the future of technology and the future of the internet, this device is made for you.

5 out of 5 stars

(Where have you been all my life? – status)

-ezb14 outz.


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