So about that time I was going to drop a mixtape….

If anyone of you has followed me on twitter from back in the day (since 2009), then you might have heard I was going to drop a mixtape during that particular summer. Welp, five years later and still nothing.


Here’s the thing, I don’t rap.

This mixtape was going to be 14 tracks (because of my twitter handle: ezb14; get it fourteen?) of acapellas and instrumentals. Basically me trying my hand at mixing audio. 

No, I’m still not much of a producer. That shit is hard.

Well, anywho, I made like 10 tracks and some of them needed heavy tweaking when, all of the sudden, the website I was using for mixing (which was completely free to use; Thank you based god) decided to shut down forever. (Insert sad face here)

So I’ve sat on these mp3 files for years. Occasionally listening to the tracks I made and thinking they were dope (kinda like Kanye does; I’m assuming).

However, I now have finally decided to upload them to Youtube.

I hope you check them out. I’m really proud of this one. It’s a Big Pun verse (one of my favorite/best MCs ever) over an Alchemist beat (used by Eminem; actually) from his album. So yeah, check it out here or on Youtube and thumbs up it if you like it.

Consider this a small preview, this is one of many things to come from me in the near future.

In other words, expect a lot more Youtube content from me. I’m super excited for what’s to come.

– ezb14 outz



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