My Thoughts on #Ferguson….

So we all know about this current tense situation out in Ferguson, Missouri, right?

Well in case you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what I’m talking about, then you can head over to your local newspaper stand (kidding) or turn on the TV to watch the continuous coverage or just click here to read all about it.

Okay, hopefully by now you know what’s up. If not, I’ll wait. #NotReally.

Alright moving on.

Now, I don’t want to talk about the the details of the shooting, or if the police are justified for their actions. Trust me, I’m no big fan of the police either.

What I want to bring up on my blog right now is this question: WHY?


That’s what I’m curious  about:  Why now??

Due to everyone having a fricken’ HD camera in their pockets via their smart-phone,  police brutality has been publicly noted, recorded and shared on the internet for the past couple of years.

So it really shouldn’t come to a shock  to anyone that another unarmed black male got shot dead.

Sure, its fucked up, but Michael Brown wasn’t the first nor will he be the last. It’s sad but true.

Don’t get me wrong, what happened to this dude is fucked up. But why is this case such a BIG DEAL?

Well, in my opinion,  it’s because we’re living in a digital age. A transparency age. I have explained this notion out before.

Furthermore, everything is tweeted about. Everything is recorded. Everything has and will be shared online. We live through social media.

The real answer to my question though, is that we’re living and going through some hard times right now.

War between Palestine and Israel, journalist being beheaded, commercial airplanes being shoot down, Robin Williams killing himself, Beyonce divorcing Jay-Z; shit is tough out there man.

People are all riddled up. People don’t trust their government. Hell, I don’t even trust them. Illuminati!

I feel like people want a revolution. They want their voice heard because the internet already gives them a voice.

Everything is sensationalize and put on display these days. So why am I blogging about it??

Well, if I can boldly quote Hud from Cloverfield (2008):

People are going to want to know, how it all went down.

And that’s all I’m doing here.

-ezbizzle outz.

P.S. – Don’t ice water bucket challenge me.







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