A Rant about A Rant (About a Rant)….

So by this time I think we all heard about this kid name Elliot Rodger and his shooting rampage this past weekend near UC Santa Barbara.

When I first heard about this story my reaction was  like “Damn, that sucks.” But then I read into it and. man, this kid was a weirdo.

Apparently, Elliot Rodger uploaded a bunch of Youtube videos complaining about his social & love life, and how he was going to slaughter everybody due to his jealously.  It’s a very disturbing and chilling video.

And I’m not a news blog so if you want to read about this full story just click here to check it out.

Anyways, this got me to thinking: Do people read my blog and think about that me?? Like I’m a weirdo who hates women.

After 3 posts about my problems with women (and a fourth one which just an April Fool’s joke – FYI), I really hope people don’t look at me like an Elliot Rodger type-of-person.

Let me explain,  part 1 & 2 of the infamous ‘women post’ are two pieces I wrote during college. This was back when nobody was reading my blog and I thought it would be fun to blog about it. After all, it is my blog.

Also, those blog posts were between two relationships during a single stage of my life.

Then years later, I drop the part 3 of ‘My Problem with Women”, and you can tell that this one has a different feel and tone to it. I blame myself on it, and I was in a different place of mind when I wrote it.

Understand this, at this current time, I don’t feel like I did when I wrote those pieces. I’m good…. Really.

This kid Elliot Rodger was so upset with women that he vowed to take revenge on them. I would never wish to harm someone. Especially women. He seriously had some mental problems.

I feel like this kid should have just relaxed. Don’t trip about being a virgin and shit.

What I didn’t like about Elliot Rodger’s attitude was that he felt like he was the shit and that women should throw himself at him.

Elliot Rodger plays the victim so well and feels like he has a sense of entitlement when it comes to women.

That shit is whack. And I don’t trip off girls not digging me at the moment, what’s up Becky?.

I just do me. I let my swagg speak for itself.  If people like me, cool and if they don’t, well I don’t like them either.

So be yourself. Don’t trip off the little shit. I learned about rejection the hard way and its kept me humble.

Furthermore, I do have this small rant I want to get out in the mist of all this: Be you – that’s cool and all. But if you’re acting like a faggot idiot, you deserve to have haters! That’s right! I said it! Someone should tell you when you’re acting stupid and making a fool of yourself. I want people to think about that. I want them to think: “Damn, people are hating on me. Maybe I should fundamentally change something about my self”.  People ain’t right all the time.

Anyways, in conclusion: guns are bad,

be nice to the quite kid,

seek help if you have bad thoughts,

be you / have swagg,

don’t trip off these hoes,

let them haters hate – its good for you,

I don’t hate women,

and my condolences to the families who lost loved ones due to this incident.

I’m outz.



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