Why I Switched my iPhone for an Android phone.

I started my first phone run with the Apple’s 3G iPhone (the second generation of iphones). I really did liked it.

I love that it was simple to use. I love the features and these little things called “apps”. This was back in 2008. Damn, it seems so long ago.

I instantly, became team iPhone. And I drooled all over the screen when they announced the iPhone 4.

I couldn’t wait to upgraded. It was such as leap forward from their 3GS line. So I upgraded and choose to stay with the Apple family.

And yes, I loved that phone too. At 32 gigs, I pimped out my iphone with apps, movies and music.

Then came 2012.Β  I was curious about the android line of phones and tablets. They had some pretty neat features. Still, I held off.

Well, I bought a Samsung galaxy tab 2 (7 inch) in 2013 and really dug the interface. And I was in desperate need of an upgrade.

However, EVERYBODY (and their mama) told me to wait for the iPhone 5. So I waited. And it came out.

And I was like, “Is that it?”

More colorful icons and a bigger display?

Pass. So I did my research. I saw reviews. I read articles upon articles.

I came to the conclusion that Android phones had better features to offer. You can customize operating systems. You can change fonts. You can have a control center of widgets. You can do so much more than you can with a regular iPhone operating system.

When it came down to it, I really didn’t like how almost ALL iphone’s (unless you jail-broke it; which I never did) were all the same!

The fact that my 5 year-old nephew can pick up my phone and navigate himself to play Doodle Jump and beat my high score was a deal breaker.

What was separating myself among other iPhone users?? The answer was very little.

That’s why I went with Android’s HTC One. I’ve had it since October and have loved every minute of it.

It’s different. It’s not that easy to use. It has its quirks. But that’s why I like it. I want people to pick up my phone and then realize, oh shit, I don’t know how to navigate this.

And that’s why I switched. I wanted to be different. Because being different to me means that you’re unique among a crowd. I like to be that trend-setter.

I won’t be surprise if the Android market takes over the iPhone market (as its currently looking like).

Personally, I can’t wait to see how, in the next few years, how these different operating systems are going to compete, from hardware to software.


I’m a big fan of technology and I felt like sharing this story with you guys. Nothing more; nothing less. You’re welcome America.

-ezb14 outz





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