My Problem With Women (Part IV)….

Remember when I said I was going to stop doing these?

Well, I lied. Sorry I’m not sorry. It just feels like a can write a whole book on this matter. Ha!

Let’s get started:

Psych! Jokes on you again, because I’m not going to do this.

If you’re confuse, I don’t blame you. I really did mean it when I said was going to stop talking about this matter.

Think about it like this: April Fools! (Since it is still technically April).

So why the blog about it?? Because I’m curious as to see how my stats play out on this post (I wanna see who click on this). In other words, I tricked you guys into reading this.

Yeah, I know. I’m mean. Oh well.

But no, fo real tho, check out this blog post “My problem with Life” linked here.

I’m outz.




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