My Problem with Women Part III….

“First off let me say I’m drunk off of shitty wine.”

Well, I wish I was. It would make this easier to write.

After part 1 & 2, I just feel like I be done with this whole series and have my final say on the matter.  Truthfully, its been in the back of my mind for like a year. So without further ado, here’s my answer:

My (real) problem with women is myself.

I’m 24 25 years old already. And truth is, I don’t know what I want from women. I’ve had my ups and downs with a few breezies, but who hasn’t??

I guess that’s just life.

I go crazy because I don’t tell anybody about it. Not even my closest  friends know the truth.

I’m not proud of the things I’ve done.

If anything, I’m embarrassed and ashamed. So I keep all bottled up in me. And then I get sad. And then I get depress. And then I feel lonely.

Lately, I’ve become more socially awkward, and I get this overwhelming anxiety when out in public now.

I’m lost guys.

I’ll try to play it off too. Act like I’m okay. Act friendly at work. Act like nothing is bothering me. But that’s not the truth.

I just want to stay locked up in my room and avoid the world because I think everybody is crazy.

Holy shit, this blog post is making me sound crazy. Haha.

A few months ago, I wrote another blog post – this one disrespected the girls I’ve been with. I uploaded screen shots of text messages and ran these girl’s names through the dirt and mud. It was bad.

Way too negative to post online, so I ended up deleting the whole thing.

Let’s get this straight: I am in no way bragging about the girls I’ve been with. I am NOT THAT GUY. I am not a womanizer at all. I am quite the opposite.

I get happy if a girl just smiles my way. But then I don’t do anything because I’m too nervous or shy.

I’m writing this blog post as my weird way of figuring this whole thing out. If this makes its way online understand this: I felt comfortable enough to share it with you guys.

If the other parties involved are reading this blog post right now, let’s never forget, who hit up who.

However, I blame myself. And that’s all I’m going to say.

Never again are you guys going to read about my personal life on my blog.  Take it for what it is.

-ezb14 outz.

*Drops mic & walks away*


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