Top 5 Hottest Ladies on Netflix Right Now

Its been awhile, but here’s the follow up to the highly successful Top 5 Hottest Ladies on Television list presented by yours truly. Netflix edition!

After graduating college, I haven’t really had time to sit down and digest TV shows I as much as I use to. Ironic, I know. Been caught up with this thing called “life”.

Anywho, enter Netflix. Now I can watch shows on my time. Therefore, here’s a list of the hottest ladies you can check out with a Netflix subscription.

5. Jenny MacArthur from The League

At first, I was like a show about Fantasy Football?? Pass. But then I was like, wait, whose this hottie-slash-wife from one of the main characters?? Oh really. Well, I guess I’ll keep on watching. So far, its one of my favorite shows I have ever seen. So funny. So underrated. And she’s so attractive.

4. CeCe from New Girl

She plays a model and the best friend of one Jessica Day – the main character of that show.  Her good looks have kept me watching through this mediocre show. Yes, it has a lot of heart, but its not really that funny. Schmidt caries that show on the comedic front. However, this gem kept me watching. Did I mention she’s model on that show??

3. Nancy Botwin from Weeds

Nancy muthafuckin’ Botwin – FOR. THE. WIN! The originator of the MILF weed brand. And we can’t be mad at that. Sad to say, however, this show is all wrapped up, but it’s been fun watching her from season to season. That bar scene tho?? Damn. Just like wine, she’s only gotten better (attractive-wise) with age. I don’t care what anybody says, I’ll put a ring on that finger. Need I say more?

2. Jessica Day from New Girl

Those eyes >

Although, she broke my heart in 500 days of Summer, Zooey Deschanel plays such a lovable character on her show New Girl, it makes me forgive her for anything she ever did wrong as Summer. She’s so quirky, its cute. It’s so cute, she becomes desirable. Like I said before, the show ain’t that funny but that doesn’t stop people from watching it. Jessica Day, the nerdy school teacher with a heart of gold deserves this number 2 spot on the list. Hush, I have spoken!

1. Chloe and June from Don’t trust the B**** in Apartment 23

For the first time ever, and probably last time (I don’t know how I’m ever going to top this list, guys) there is a tie.

First up, Chloe.

Out of all the TV networks to run a show titled Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, this one comes from good old folks at ABC – a Disney Company. However, that doesn’t stop the main protagonist, and at times, antagonist, from strutting her sexiness on screen. The same girl that played Jesse’s love interest in Breaking Bad, and Alice Eve‘s BFF from She’s Out of My Leaguefinally gets her own spotlight on this show. And yes, we do enjoy watching her. Her ridiculous antics and shannagins make her the girl we want to f***. Straight up. Every guy is thinking the same thing. I just said it.

Last but certainly not least, June Colburn – the shorty with an attitude.

This one and only Blondie, in a sea of brunnetts who made the list (anybody else notice that?), is everything I have said about each individual lady on the list and more. Homegirl can get tha bizzness as much as her counterpart above. There’s something about that button nose and nice smile that makes her irresistible.

And yes, the show is hilarious. You can watch on Netflix or here. I highly recommend Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 for you too. Then you can see why these two are sharing that number 1 spot.

-ezb14 out.


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