Review by me (ezb14) of Young Darias – I’m in the Buildin’ (Mixtape)

A few weeks ago the homie Young Darias dropped his second mixtape, I’m in the Buildin – a follow up to last year’s Fuck the Static mixtape which I also reviewed.

Now that I’ve had some time to take a listen, I can truly give a well-written honest review (not full of over-hype statements and a bias point of view).

Let’s begin.

Young Darias – I’m in the Buildin’  4.5 out of 5

Now, to some people, this rating might seem high, but if you take a look of my last review, I’ve said that Young D needed to polish his sound and develop more as an artist, and  after listening to the whole project, I truly feel like he delivered a home run with this mixtape.

To explain better, I’m gonna break this down track by track.

Track 1 – Young D Bitch

The opening track may sound familiar to a lot of people, as Young D takes his swing at the popular J. Cole track Who Dat? Moreover, this opening track really sets the mood for the entire mixtape  – showing the world that Young D is back with better flows and richer rhymes for us to enjoy.

Track 2 – Skit #1

Now, this is a nice little insight into Darias own personal life and struggle into why he became a rapper, but, overall, I felt like all the skits featured on the tape could have been left out. More on that later.

Track 3 – The Look of It

Now the sample for this track may sound a little chessy, but don’t let that fool you, this beat is sick! And Darias delievers a much better flow than previously heard before.

Track 4 – Darias is Nice (Hott track!)

Just like he says in his verse, Darias is getting better by the day. He’s improving in his flows, hooks and bridges; as well as making someone else’s beat his very own.

Track 5 – P.I.M

Now this is truly where we see Young Darias develop more and more as an artist/MC- spitting about his life and struggles. Great track to bump.

Track 6 – What Up Girl (Hott track!)

One of my favorite tracks off the mixtape, Young D flows through this sick-ass instrumental for his ladies fans. Something every artist should do in any of their projects.

Track 7 – Inhale & exhale

A smokers anthem this is. And although I don’t smoke, he still carries a nice flow over the beat.

Track 8 – Skit #2

Now, this is where I have a problem with the mixtape. Young D talks about that common topic about weed-smoking rappers I’ve heard plenty of times before. Since the rise of rappers like Wiz Kalifah, Curren$y and Mac Miller in popularity, people have made this distinction that these rappers only rap about smoking weed all the time, and, therefore, anybody that raps about it now, are following in their foot steps. False. Rappers been smoking for years, and this topic should be a dead case forever. But it isn’t.

Track 9 – Battle Cry (Hott track!)

This is by far my FAVORITE track of the whole mixtape. Young D just kills this beat! He spits his soul out on this track and you can just feel it. His flow is nice! This kid has talent, and I mean that.

Track 10 – They Don’t Know

Proving that Young D has flows, he spits fire on the Supa Dupa flow beat.

Track 11 – Incredible II

Young D’s rhyming partner in crime Raw-ul makes an appearance on this track, and both spit some cleaver rhymes over a beat I’ve never really been a fan of – but that’s just me.

Track 12 – Top Two

What’s a rapper suppose to do? Brag about their skills. Its just the nature of this rap game. I’m not hating on it, its just after awhile, it gets repetitive.

Track 13 – I Won’t Be

Now this is interesting. A different perspective we haven’t really heard (at this point of the mixtape). He spits how he’s a Mexican rapper but we shouldn’t categorize him just by that, and I completely agree.

Track 14 – That’s rap (Hott track!)

A perfect follow up to the last track. This is on some real shit. “The music hits your mind and your soul” – now that’s rap.

Track 15 – Nobody In My Way

Another Raw-ul assisted track, Young Darias spits how he’s trying to come up all on his own, becasue he knows he’s better than some other dudes.

Track 16 – 6′ 7 (Hott track!)

Wow! Young D seriously just shitted on Wayne with this track. The only other person that went this hard on this beat, in my opinion, is Kendrick Lamar. So impressed with this. Favorite line – “Everybody go bananas when they see me people scatter

Track 17 – Joe Shack

A track only 20 people will get. Its okay. Young D has flows but this song is really just for his close friends.

Track 18 – Higher

A different kind of beat, but makes for another well written smokers anthem.

Track 19 – At the Top (Hott track!)

This track here, shows how hungry Young D is for blowing up in the game. And I think its only a matter of time before he blows up.

Track 20 – Decisions & Mistakes

Young D shows us he can vividly paint a picture in this story-telling track. Very rare nowadays.

Track 21 – Skit #3

The last track explains how Young D is still moving on with his music and pushing foward.

Last words.

Overall, this project is well put together – and that’s why it got a 4.5 out of 5.

My advice for Young D: keep releasing your own music on your own terms. Although big hip hop blogs can help by putting more listeners to Young D, the way a true artist shines is by creating your own music, collaborating with other underground artist and building your own fan-base from the ground up. Young D has the talent, he has the motivation, he has the hunger, he has his own swagg, he can make it on his own. All its going to take is time. Believe that.

(And yeah, I wasn’t really going to complain about how I kinda started the “I’m in the Buildin'” thing, but maybe some credit next time? Haha.)

– ezb14 and I’m outz.


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