My Problem with Women (Part II)

This coming from an interesting chat I had this weekend, so bare with me.

Here’s the thing: When I talk to girls, I can’t stand the fact that they bring up an ex-boyfriend or past relationship as the sole reason for their current single status.

I’m 22 years old young, and naturally I talk to women around the same age 21, 22, 20-ish, if you will. And at this point of their lives, most girls have been through some “though relationship” situation.Β  Boo flipin’ whoo.

Its like every single girl is the same way too. Like they always bring up this shit up: “I’ve been hurt in the past” “I have trust issues” “He cheated on me” and so on… Like they’re so special and unique. Bitch, you’re not the only one in the history of mankind that’s ever been hurt in a relationship.

I”m writing this post because I just can’t listen to same story anymore, ladies.

Its a common misconception that only girls get hurt in relationships. I’ve been hurt too, but I don’t bring up that old shit when I meet someone. Of course, it’s though – emotionally, but you get over it and then its ON TO THE NEXT ONE (or #Ontothenext for my twitter friends out there).

And I’m not saying this because I’m such a “bore” that when I talk to girls, they have nothing to talk about except this (b/c you actually to get to know them a little better to arrive to this conclusion), but its just the same story every time. And its kinda annoying.

And I know my ranting about this, won’t make stop it (because somewhere out there right now, some poor champ is being the good guy by listening to a girl rant about her pass relationship – real talk) but just know that I can’t stand it, personally.

Ladies, you’re not a walking diary. Don’t tell me about your pass relationships, because I’m not asking for it. We’re here, right now, in the present, stop dwelling on your pass so much.

If I can boldly quote 50 Cent’s Wanna Get to Know You, “You don’t gotta look like a model for me adore you/ All you gotta do is love me and be loyal/ Don’t indulge in my pass/Β  Fuck what happen before you

And that’s what I’m basically trying to say. Is that so much to ask for? I guess in this modern day, it kinda is.

Boom, subject ether’d.

And for those wondering part 1 of My Problem with Women (which I wrote almost a year ago) can be found here or by clicking right here.

Lastly, as a bonus, here’s Why I think girls shouldn’t fart post.

You’re welcome, America.


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