Top 5 Hottest Ladies on Television Right Now

Let’s be honest, one of the reasons why we turn on the TV is to view all the attractive people in it (word to Univision’s news program).  So I’ve decided to compile a short list of the Top 5 hottest ladies (attractive-wise) on a television right now.

Let’s begin.

#5 Erin from The Office

Sorry Pam, but there’s a reason why they replaced you as a receptionist at The Office. Anywho, Erin from The Office has just enough charisma on the show to make her both funny and attractive.

#4 Penny from the Big Bang Theory

Never mind the fact the she is essential for the show’s success, her being in on any screen is just enough reasoning for ANYBODY to watch. And yes, she’s hilarious in it as well.

#3 Sofia Vergara from Modern Family

Hell, I don’t even watch this show, and yet Sofia Vergara made my list. That’s also why I’m referring to her actual name instead of character’s name (no offense to the other actresses on the list). Lastly, I would like to say “good job” to whoever decided to put her on this show – way to get your ratings high.

#2 Britta from Community

Clearly no Elisabeth Shoe (see what I did there?), Britta is incredibly funny while amazingly still managing to be hott in the show. One thing is for certain here, she’s one of the reasons why I keep tuning into Community every week. Good job cast director.

#1 Annie from Community

Well well well, we’ve made it to number one, and also the other reason why I keep tuning in, week after week, to watch Community on NBC. Clearly, the most attractive woman on Television, Annie’s character in Community makes for better entertainment than just comedy itself.

And finally, as a last added bonus, here’s another picture of her as well. You’re welcome America.


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