Writer’s Block

Yup, I’m stuck.

Now, I have tons of ideas but don’t know which one to pick and write about. They say, “Write what you know”, but I kinda disagree with that because I don’t know a lot of things but I feel like I could write about them in a way in which it would be believable and real. A bit confusing? I know.

Anywho, let me throw up some ideas of some of the stories I been thinking about.

1. A smart doctor in Mexico who is forcefully force to operate on a drug cartel kingpin who has been recently shot. However, the operation goes horribly and the doctor must escape before the cartel kingpin’s right hand man finds out and hunts the doctor down. (Suspense story)

2. This next one is a bit edgy. Jesus Christ comes back in our current present time to warm us about the apocalypse and the end of days. However, nobody believes him except the two stonners buddies who he meets in Hollywood, and the only reason they believe him is because they’re high. What follows soon is this crazy adventure in which Jesus Christ and these two crazy stonners get themselves in trouble and multiple high-jinkes. At the end, the stonners believe Jesus Christ is the real deal, and Jesus goes back to heaven without the unleashing of the apocalypse on us. (Dark comedy)

3. Next, this story based on my fascination with the Call of Duty duty. Its 2035, and America is at war. The story starts with the main character/narrator getting caught behind enemy lines. As he stares down into a barrel of a Russian gun, he gets rescued by a gun-chopper. Then, through a series of flashbacks, he discusses the events that happen to lead his life here. Consequently, the Russians dropped a nuclear bomb on Boston, New York and Washington D.C. started a 6 year long war. (Science fiction suspense)

4. I have to this idea about a chair (who is also the protagonist of the story) who at a very difficult point of his life (yes, he’s male) and his only friend  is a desk (a female character). Together, it makes for a interesting/hilarious conversation. (Comedy)

5. This is a love story. A classical love story. Its about William Shakespeare himself, when he was a teenager and fell in love with his next door neighbor, an older woman. The husband next door finds out and beats his wife while William is helpless to do anything. Then the husband and the wife move to a different town and William loses his first love. In the end, William pulls up to a desk near a window, looks outside, its raining, he pulls out an old-school feather pen and a few pieces of paper and starts his own little story entitled “Romeo and Juliet”. (Love romance story)

6. A female porn-star falls in love with a married business man. She becomes a stalker. That’s it. That’s all I got so far with this idea. (Maybe a twisted comedy/love story?)

7. A fantasy tale involving a young prince who must slay a dragon in order to save his dying father’s life. (Fantasy stories)

8.  A douche bag Hollywood agent who gets whatever he wants until he has a near death experience and is strip away from his privileges by his enemy. He then makes friends with some homeless people who show him the ropes to survie and he works his way back to the top. (Huh, I don’t know about this one; just kinda thought of it on the spot)

9. A Las Vegas human cannibal who goes to a night club to try to pick up his latest victim. Based on a true story. (Creative non-fiction)

10. And this will be the last one of my ideas. An alien invasion is upon us in the near future and this teenage couple must save the planet and their relationship by discovering what it takes to grow up as an individual and as a couple in this crazy adventure. (Science fiction romance adventure fantasy pretty much everything in it)

By the time you read this just known that I don’t have any more writer’s block. It helped in a weird way,


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