Why I’m a Hater….

Yes, I’m a hypocrite too.

When I first started this blog (about a year ago), one my first blog post was a little piece called “Why I’m Not a Hater“. So popular that it was, that it spawn 2 sequels (part 2 & part 3). In them, I explain my justification for disliking many of today’s popular things within music, movies, pop culture in general and so forth . Well now I’m back.

And now, I’m embracing this role of a hater. But let me explain: In the quest to be politically correct on everything, I realize that nobody else is, so why should I? In other words, the world is filled with hypocrites, haters, liars, wanna bee’s, bullshitters, and just the worst type of people possible, so why should I be a responsible blogger and present things from an objective & analytical perspective?

The difference for me, as compared to everybody else, was the fact that I had reason to dislike/hate. And thus, I was justified. Wrong. At this point, I realize that people don’t care, they’ll still label you as a hater. So, I’m done with. Everybody is bias, everybody has opinions, and everybody lies to themselves at one point or another.

The difference here is that I’m HONEST about this.

Who says you have to like everything??

So here let me just rant on a few things that are bugging me.

Fuck the show Californication. The characters are terrible; I only watch it because of the sex appeal and even that is getting boring.

Fuck this twitter nigga @iRespectFemales. Gimmick ass dude, only tweets the stupidest shit ever – i.e. what EVERY GIRL likes to hear. Nigga you’re only 20, how the FUCK do you know so much about women. Nigga please, get a fucking life. Only doing that shit just for the RT’s. Sometimes people are so fake on twitter its ridiculous. Yes, that includes you too @thegame.

And fuck Geico insurance yo! Its fucking stupid, the lizard (the gecko) first appeared not as spoken-man for the company but rather something he hated cuz people always called his phone. Look it up.

Fuck Odd Future. Fucking shock-value niggas. They ain’t shit. They’re weak as fuck, and I don’t care what Kanye says.

Fuck that movie ‘Priest’. Shit looks stupid.

Fuck MTV. Its television for retards.

Fuck college kids. Stereotypical bastards.

Fuck when a your eyelid gets swollen for no reason.

Fuck Beer. Shit taste nasty.

Fuck guys who text happy faces and or other types of faces.

Fuck people who text 24/7. Get a fuckin’ life, and ignore a few of those.

Fuck weed nigga. Get high on life. Substances are for the weak, the people who can’t handle shit sober.

Fuck bloggers.

Fuck teenagers. Stupid little fucks these days. Don’t know shit about life.

Fuck the Doggers and their fans. SF all day!

Fuck stuck-up bitches.

Fuck my apartment complex and the workers fixing the water gutters in the morning with their loud ass pounding; waking me up and shit. Smh.

Fuck credit card companies. Bunch of bullshit to deal with.

Fuck facebook, everybody up in there is full of shit.

Fuck Jersey Shore and people who mimic they’re style. Smh. STD’s magnets.

Fuck lower back pain. That shit hurts like a bitch.

And lastly, FUCK campers on Call of Duty: Black Ops! Like really nigga?! You’re really just gonna sit there and wait till I come across you! U stupid unskilled motherfucker. Learn how to fuckin’ play and run around to get more points. The only reason you killed me is cuz you waited and I didn’t! Oh, fuck those dudes who, when playing search and destroy, don’t work as a team and defuse the bomb WHEN THEY NEED TO – they rather look after themselves. Fuck all of y’all.

Oh yea, before I forget, FUCK YOU WORDPRESS! You shut me down for a week because I posted up a download link to Kevin Rudolf’s To The Sky, when I clearly stated that ANYBODY can basically find that link using google. So I am not responsible b/c (a) I didn’t upload the album myself and (b) its not my fault for redirecting people to it. 6,000 views on this blog ain’t mean shit to me. I’ll get a tumbler and start again. Haha.

That’s it! I’m done. Take it for what it is yo. By the time I post this shit, I probably wouldn’t feel the same way I feel right now. But hey, I’m a hypocrite remember? Call me hater. You can judge me behind the computer screen, but unless you actually talk to me, you cannot  understand my madness and frustration.

Thug Life!


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